Kahli Designs – Stuff for the guys! :)

Heya peeps!

So, today something for the guys! During May, I spotted a tiny vendor at the medieval fantasy sim Estara which caught my eyes almost immediately: Kahli Designs. They had ONE outfit there. At first I was ‘suspicious’: Probably a template. And another newby store “Avatarname Designs”. Granted, not all of these are newby stores, but there does seem to be a pattern. πŸ˜› But for some reason, that didn’t quite add up with my gutfeeling. I couldn’t remember having seen that kind of tunic anywhere else and the vendors seemed too wellmade.

Sooo suspicious..

“Probably ripped.” Was my next pessimistic, sarcastic and dumb thought. I showed the vendors to friends, but still, my gutfeeling told me “No, this is cool.” So I bought it. And yay! I really liked it and I contacted the vendor, Viland resident/KahliDesigns Resident. I asked him about it, he turned out to be very nice and he told me that they were going to provide selfmade meshitems for guys mostly. More YAY! Not like there isn’t ENOUGH awesome mesh for guys already, while we girls get a horde of gowns and not much else (besides from The Forge and now GSpot), but it was still awesome. So we decided to invite them to We Love Role-Play, and we never regretted it. πŸ™‚

So many good things to say!

It’s been three months since then and now I see Kahli Designs all over the place. They release new items on a regular basis and so far, NONE of them was a disappointment for me. Their meshes are really wellmade and always happen to fit my male alt quite well. Their styles range from rustic to finer attire. I love the textures and the attention to detail on them, plus: Their outfits seem realistic: When wearing these, you can truly picture them being worn back during medievalish times. Imho at least!

My outfit!

In these pictures Iorveth is wearing four items by Kahli Designs: The vest with shirt is part of the outfit that is currently available for a discount at We Love Role-Play. Pants, Boots and Necklace are part of a new release which is called The Brawler. I really like these pants a lot. πŸ™‚ The texture on the vest is really nice and gives the outfit the intended royal touch. Also, the inner side of the outfit is textured, too, where it is necessary, so no ugly invisibility depending on your perspective. πŸ™‚

A few suggestions though!

I would LOVE it if you could mix and match Kahli Design’s outfit randomly. These pants leave a little glitch on his backside (covered up with the belt, so no big deal) even though I wear them in size XS and the vest in L. Plus, I think 5 sizes would be nicer than ‘just’ four. Also, I’d love to see a little more details on the boots. They are not bad at all, but a buckle, straps, lacings or something such would be soo nice. And…please male womens’ stuff? πŸ˜›

❀ Arica

PS: I really need to update my male alt, but it hurts me badly to buy hair for an alt I never use. *whines*. I also noticed my arms seem kinda short in that pose. Hmmm. -.-

Hair: Ego, Fur in Light Noir (Ego Shuffle)
Skin The Body Co, Fox, Tan (TheBodyCo Resident)
Ears: Alchemy, Elven Ears, tinted (Nina Helix, part of Elfin Skin V2, @ We LOVE RP!!)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom, Clarus Eyes, Watermelon (Rico Plisskin, Dollarbie!!)
Scar: Aw, Crap!, Lost a Knifefight (Tricky Button, NEW!! @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Vest/w shirt: Kahli Designs, Royal Raiments (Viland Resident, Mesh!! @ We LOVE RP!!)
Pants: Kahli Designs,Β  part of The Brawler (Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Boots: Kahli Designs, part of The Brawler (Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Gloves: Lightstar Designs, Leather Gloves (Krystal Silverweb)
Belt: Mandala, Mikoto Belt (Kikunosuke Eel)
Necklace: Kahli Designs, part ofΒ  The Brawler (Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Armor: The Forge, Daerwen Armor (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Eyepatch: The Forge, Skull Cutter Eyepatch, bronze (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Bow: Centipede Weapons, Question (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)

Location Winter Moon (Non-Role-Play), Winter Moon


You really should visit this sim by the way. It is called Winter Moon and SO pretty. I am not sure what it is supposed to be other than a pretty sim where you can hang out at. πŸ™‚



There’s not a soul to hear – Fantasy Faire Part V

Heya peeps!

Today something for the guys. πŸ™‚ The following pictures have been taken at Kaelus, a gorean role-play sim. ELves are NOT allowed. I got special permission to take a blogpicture, but usually, that is a big NO NO. πŸ˜‰

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon, NEW!!, Mesh!! @ Fantasy Faire –> Magnificat Sim)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!! @ Fantasy Faire –> Evensong Woods Sim)
Eyes: Umedama (umetaro Mayo)
Scars: proximity (Severus Koskinen)
Tunic: FATEWear (Damien Fate, NEW!! Mesh!! @ Fantasy Faire, Titans Hollow Sim)

The FATEWeaR Outfit comes in two versions: WIth or without a cloak, an din the usual 5 standardsizes. However, it comes as a whole outfit, all in one piece: BOots, gauntlets, tunic, pants. The outfit is AWESOME, but I like to mix and match, and so I cheated:

I selected the item IN my inventory, clicked on edit, then selected the face on my outfit I wanted to texture and dragged an alphalayer on it. This way, I am hiding my pants, boots, cloak and gauntlets. ^^

Pants: The Forge (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! Part of Brandon Outfit)
Boots: Lightstar (Krystal Silverweb)
Armor: The Forge (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! Part of Brandon Outfit)
Gauntlets: Deco (Orchid Zenovka)
Necklace: Pididdle (Brutus Martinek)
Bow: CentipedeWeapons (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)

Location: Fortress City of Kaelus (GOREAN Role-Play), Alamut


I survive by the memory…of you.

Hello peeps!

So, where was I? Mostly, in bed. The past weeks were odd for me and finally I got my bum up and went ot the doc, turns out I have a dysfunctional thyroid which caused me to be tired and feel sick all the time. I could sleep 18 hours in aΒ  row at times and still felt as if it were possibly 2-3 hours at most. Well, with the new pills this should hopefully stop now and I’ll be able to spend some more time blogging again. πŸ™‚ My apologies if blogging is going slow, but an extremely busy rl + this stupid stuff really kept me distracted.

Please forgive that in my following post I won’t post every single (make up/skin-) layer I use. I have gotten a bit tired of meeting almost exact copies of my avatar ingame. While I can see how people might just want the same look, I never considered this blog being a guide about “How to copy every single bit of an avatar” but it is more meant to be inspirational. Especially now, that I finally got my absolutely perfect skin for my elf (I really do love the new Laqroki skin, but it just looked TOO innocent for my elf), I’d like that look to stay unique for a while, though I don’t doubt some of you people will figure out what I did anyways. πŸ˜›

By the way, not fan of this new wordpress layout. Hmph. Never change a running system, damnit!

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Shape: selfmade (not for sale)
Lashes: LeLutka (THora Charron)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity)
Hood: REMY (TheRegular Resident, Mesh!!)
Vest: Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen)
Corset: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Dress: League (Nena Janus)
Undershirt: Kyoot (Saeya Nyanda, Simple Cozy Sweater)
Corsetwrap: Ever After (PersiaSky Lorefield, not for Sale anymore 😦 )
Pants: Zenith (miffyhoi Rosca)
Socks: Enchanty (Nuts Andel)
Shoes: COCO (cocoro Lemon, Mesh!! FREE!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Asclaon Ranger)
Armwarmers: BOOM (Aranel Ah, Mesh!!)
Belt: Tea Time (Eloindir Davi)
Scarf: Molichino (Aurelia Chauveau)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Necklace: League (Nena Janus)
Quiver: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Shark)
Dagger: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak)
Armor: The Forge (Kain Flores)

Location: Happy Mood Store (Non-Role-Play), HappyMood

Autumn hits the grid and I love it! :)

Hello peeps,

I finally got my new comp and of course now I tooka pic of my current favourite outfit. Autumn hit Germany, so I decided to go with very autumnliek colours as well. I love them! I also decided to not go with the newest of the newest items possible, but also mix some of my alltime favourites to create a very…scoundrel-like outfit. I just love any kinds of adventuring elves. πŸ˜‰

Also, you might notice that I managed to get rid of that slightly yellowish tint of the Body Co skin. How? Arriah Fiertze from Medley released a SKIN DETONER which works just fantastically. I LOVE it. It makes so many skins (like old ones from Pink Fuel, Laqroki, the new Vive9 skin etc.) look so much better without that sickly yellow tint. πŸ™‚ Many, many thanks to you, Arriah.

Also, stay tuned for the new LAQROKI skinline,s they are about to be released. I saw some previews and they are…MWAH!

Hair: Burley (Bella Earst)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusory (Ivy Graves, currently not for sale)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Lashes: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Lips: Iren (Irischka Hotshot)
Gloss: Glam Affair ( Aida Ewing)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Fur-Vest: awram viie (Miraiwave Iwish)
Fur-Bolero: Toki Doki (Maya Levane)
Tunic: Kyoot (Naeya Syanda)
Pants: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Corset: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Socks: Enchanty (nuts Andel)
Boots: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Legwarmers: Tram (Moca Loup)
Armwarmer: BOOM (VerucaDarling Resident)
Neckwarmer: League (Nena Janus, FREE GIFT!!)
Slingbelt: Deco (Veluu Faulds, Mesh!!)
Belt: Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Legarmor: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Armor (Shoulder/Arms): The Forge (Kain Flores)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Necklace: League (Nena Janus, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Quiver: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Shark Outfit)
Bow: Tee*fy (Azure Electricoteeth)
Legrope: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Poppyseed Outfit)
Thigh Dagger: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)

Location: Arkhamville (Non-Role-Play), Beaverville

I just want to share your light

Hey there,

I haven’t been posting in some time. Two reasons: I got a whole LOT of work to do in reallife and well…World Of Warcraft’s new expansion is out, which means I spent a good portion of my free time leveling my hunter. But here is the outfit I currently love most. It doesn’t involve new releases, it’s not super meshy, but it is an outfit I personally really do like. πŸ™‚ Hope you like it as well! The picture was taken at Port Kar. Please note that I got a special permission to show up there like this. It is a gorean sim and as well all know, women in Gor don’t carry weapons and certainly have no elven ears. πŸ˜‰

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Lipstick: Iren (Irischka Hotshot)
Lipgloss: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Corset: Aura (Tyr Rozenblum, Mesh, not for sale anymore)
Bolero: Tokidoki (Maya Levane)
Tunic: Kyoot (Saeya Nyanda)
Undershirt: Fishy Strawberry (Fae Eriksen, part of Wool and Suede Dress)
Pants: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Overknee-Socks: Enchanty (Nuts Andel)
Boots: LightStar (Krystal Silverweb)
Armwarmers: Boom (Aranel Ah, Mesh!!)
Stole: Molichino (Aurelia Chauveau)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Belt: Tea Time (Eloindir Davi)
Chestbelt: Deco (Veluu Faulds, Mesh!!)
Necklace: MG (Maxi Grossamer)
Face Chains: Ripped (Beautifully Sinister, Dollarbie)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)
Quiver: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Shark)

Location: Tales of Port Kar (Gorean Role-Play), Malignance

I don’t laugh and I don’t cry, but when I do I wonder why

Hair: Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth, Mesh!!)
Skin: The Body Co (The Body Co Resident)
Shape: selfmade (not for sale)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity/Ivy Graves, currently not for Sale)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Lipstick: AG (Amiee Galicia), Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Blouse: ISON (Harry Hyx, @ The Arcade Gacha!! Mesh!!)
Skirt: Tulip (Minami Susanova, Mesh!!)
Boots: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!!)
Belt: Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour)
Bag: Pesca (tsugu Nirvana, @ The Arcade Gacha!!)
Necklace 1: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, @ L’accesories September!! Mesh!!)
Necklace 2: MG (Maxi Grossamer, @ Collabor 88, Mesh!!)
Bangles: Beetlebones (suetabulous Yootz, Mesh!!)
Rings: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Headpiece: Purple Moon (Poulet Koenkamp, @ L’accesories!!)

Location: King’s Landing (A Song of Ice and Fire Role-Play), King’s Landing

I don’t know what you are looking for

I haven’t been super-inspired lately. For some reason I get the feeling that more and more of SL fashion is being overwhelmed with allllll the same stuff all over the place. I am not sure if I can only blame the templates, or generally US, the users, too. There are however a few notable exceptions. πŸ™‚

Also, I switched back to my Orchid skin for good now, mixing it with a soft, naural lipstick from MOCK. I never liked the dry looking lips on Orchid at all, but the overall skin is just so nice and I got tired of my League skin (despite it being pretty!) for now. What do you think? :O Thoughts? I am still waiting for Laqroki’s new line…grrr!

Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic, Mesh!!)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Ears: Illusory (Ivy Graves, currently not for Sale)
Horns: Rue (Ruina Kessel)
Lashes: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade), Plastik (Aikea Rieko)
Lipstick: Mock (Mocksoup Graves)
Cardigan: Tokidoki (Maya Levane, Mesh!! @ FaMeshed)
Corset: Celoe (ShaySibrian Resident, Mesh!!)
Blouse: Hal*Hina (Hinano Runo)
Pants: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Boots: Mon Tissu (Elie Spot, Mesh!!
Belt: Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour)
Armwarmers: Boom (VerucaDarling Resident, Mesh!!)
Gloves: Coco (cocoro Lemon)
Armor: The Forge (Kain Flores)
Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!! @ FaMeshed!!)
Ring: Kunglers (AvaGardner Kungler)
Daggers (hips): Losthaven (Lucia Cyr)
Dagger (leg): LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)

Location: Cours BCC Mainstore (Non-Role-Play), Cours