WE LOVE RP – Shopping Guide for April!

Hey peeps,

take a look at what’s coming for the round of APRIL! πŸ™‚ Lots of damn awesome creations, and don’t forget to check back because we will be adding more and more pictures still! πŸ™‚

The upcoming round will open on April 4th, at 1 PM SLT! πŸ™‚

This round’s featured stores are TIA and THE FORGE!



They say I murdered you! – News from Moon Amore, Trap, Truth and more! :)

Hi peeps!

Here is a hint: As a teacher, never let your kids write a reading diary about a 336 pages book. Mine did that and I had to read and correct them all. πŸ™‚ I apparently must have forgotten about just HOW much work this was going to be once they were done. πŸ™‚ Only took me several hours each day over the span of ten days. I mean, yes, the kids loved it, but I seriously felt like jumping off the balcony after the 13th. πŸ˜›

However, I managed to get two outfits and pics done, so I’ll be posting them, one today, and one as soon as possible, probably tomorrow or on Monday.

Lets see what my avi is wearing! πŸ˜€

They say I murdered you - Blog Soon!

The dress!

This is a new dress by Psyqueen Resident for her brand Moon Amore at WE LOVE RP. And it is such a cute dress. πŸ™‚ It comes in eight different colour options and only costs 200 Lindens, which is a 30% discount. Each dress comes withΒ  HUD that gives you more texture options for the specific colour variant that you chose. The textures are really pretty and i like the combination of metals and silky textures. The strings around the waist is a cute detail. I also like that you can tint all these things independently. πŸ˜€ The shape of the dress is really interesting, though personally I would have wished for one ‘normal’ and one ‘windblown’ option. Still, for 200L this feels like a steal. πŸ™‚ Also, combined with these super detailed and awesome pauldrons by Trap (Selos Dae) this dress looks totally awesome in my book.

Hair: Truth, Ramsey, light blondes (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Ikon, Deadshine Eyes, nymph (Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Lipstick: Mudskin & Enfant, Plump Lipgloss 9 (Sopha Porta @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Dress: Moon Amore, Helena Dress, rubi (Psyqueen Resident @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Skirt: Storybook, Spellbound Skirt, wildberry (Vix Nirvana @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Shoulderguards: Trap, Crown Pauldrons (Selos Dae @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headflowers: Enfant Terrible, Magic Ride Gacha, common (LeEnfantTerrible Resident, @ The Arcade!!)
Headchain: Izzie’s, Coin Headband, copper (Izzie Button @ Uber!!)
Necklace 1: Axix, Azir Set, copper (Elise Mannequin @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Necklace 2: Enfant Terrible, Magic Ride Gacha, common (LeEnfantTerrible Resident, @ The Arcade!!)
Armbands: Una, Nidale Snake, gold (Una Daxter @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Cuffs: The Forge, Lunar Bracers, gold (Deccan Arida)
Rings: ieQED, Jessi Rings (Sigifaust Resident)

I am sorry, I forgot which pose I used. 😦 Lost the paper I where I noted it down.

Location: Realm of Cirra’Liel

Si Γ¨ spento il sole nel mio cuore per te

Heya peeps!

So, I was thinking about my blog lately and where I wanna go with it. I am STILL not quite sure, but one thing I will keep: I want to take pretty (well, I suppose that will always be a matter of taste really) pictures of outfits mixed and match for role-play, and I want to keep including mainstream stores a lot. Also, perhaps I will blog for modern role-play (aka mainstream outfits) every now and then, but not sure yet. I will keep blogging reviews on skins and hair every now and then. I want it to be an honest blog with honest critique.

What would you like to see?

I was thinking (after chatting with someone certain and getting a hint here and there) that maybe every once in a while featuring a sim that I personally like, sort of a sim review, would be a nice idea. Would that be a good idea or just get me banned all over the palce when I dare to point out some negative stuff? πŸ˜€ We’ll see. I hope not. Involving some more furniture every now and then might be an option as well. So, here is a poll:

Thank you, Gogo, for giving me also hints and ideas for pictures, stuff I could do etc. πŸ™‚

So, here is my today’s outfit:
Hair: Redmint No. 13’13, Cherry Red (Moni Schule, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Hair Fair 2013)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bolero: Baiastice, Spring Bolero (Sissy Pessoa, Mesh!!)
Corset: The Plastik, Anasaze Corset (Aikea Rieko, Mesh!!)
Skirt: Coco Designs, Maxi Skirt (Cocoro Lemon, Mesh!!)
Boots: Mon Tissu, Heathrow Boots (Elie Spot, Mesh!!)
Crown: GSpot (Jalilah Jewel, Mesh!! PREVIEW!!)
Necklace: Mandala, Tefutefu Set (Kikunosuke Eel, Mesh!!)
Ring (left): MG, Atlantis Moon (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Ring (right): Donna Flora, Gloria (Squinternet Larnia)
Bracelets: The Forge, Boadicea’s Bracelets (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry, Guilded Bow of Jie (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)

Location: Alirium (Non-Role-Play), Alirium


As you can clearly see I am in love with Alirium. I just love, love, love the colours an dthought they are fitting. πŸ™‚


Who do you think you are… ?

Hair: Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth, Mesh!! Available at Collabor 88!!)
Shape: selfmade
Skin Detoner: Medley (Arriah Fiertze, deletes the orangey undertone of skins)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity, currently not for sale)
Blouse: ISON (Harry Hyx, Mesh!!)
Vest: So Many Styles (Irie Campese)
Undershirt: Fishy Strawberry (Fae Eriksen)
Pants: Rochambeau (Leviathan Flux, Mesh!!)
Legwarmers: tram (Mocha Loup)
Boots: Naughty (Lost Thereian)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Armwarmers: Ibizarre (Anyusha Lilienthal)
Scarf: Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth, Mesh!!)
Necklace and Ring: Yummy (Polyester Partridge, available at Collabor 88!!)
Belt: Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)

Location: Darkmoon Isle (Medieval Fantasy Role-Play), Darkmoon Isle


I survive by the memory…of you.

Hello peeps!

So, where was I? Mostly, in bed. The past weeks were odd for me and finally I got my bum up and went ot the doc, turns out I have a dysfunctional thyroid which caused me to be tired and feel sick all the time. I could sleep 18 hours in aΒ  row at times and still felt as if it were possibly 2-3 hours at most. Well, with the new pills this should hopefully stop now and I’ll be able to spend some more time blogging again. πŸ™‚ My apologies if blogging is going slow, but an extremely busy rl + this stupid stuff really kept me distracted.

Please forgive that in my following post I won’t post every single (make up/skin-) layer I use. I have gotten a bit tired of meeting almost exact copies of my avatar ingame. While I can see how people might just want the same look, I never considered this blog being a guide about “How to copy every single bit of an avatar” but it is more meant to be inspirational. Especially now, that I finally got my absolutely perfect skin for my elf (I really do love the new Laqroki skin, but it just looked TOO innocent for my elf), I’d like that look to stay unique for a while, though I don’t doubt some of you people will figure out what I did anyways. πŸ˜›

By the way, not fan of this new wordpress layout. Hmph. Never change a running system, damnit!

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Shape: selfmade (not for sale)
Lashes: LeLutka (THora Charron)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity)
Hood: REMY (TheRegular Resident, Mesh!!)
Vest: Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen)
Corset: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Dress: League (Nena Janus)
Undershirt: Kyoot (Saeya Nyanda, Simple Cozy Sweater)
Corsetwrap: Ever After (PersiaSky Lorefield, not for Sale anymore 😦 )
Pants: Zenith (miffyhoi Rosca)
Socks: Enchanty (Nuts Andel)
Shoes: COCO (cocoro Lemon, Mesh!! FREE!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Asclaon Ranger)
Armwarmers: BOOM (Aranel Ah, Mesh!!)
Belt: Tea Time (Eloindir Davi)
Scarf: Molichino (Aurelia Chauveau)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Necklace: League (Nena Janus)
Quiver: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Shark)
Dagger: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak)
Armor: The Forge (Kain Flores)

Location: Happy Mood Store (Non-Role-Play), HappyMood

Botters going Nuts – What can we do?

Hey there,

well, after the whole giant mess around Curio, we already know how damn hard it is for creators in SL to protect their own creations from less creative people who want to leech money…also known as copybotters, texture-rippers and so on. And now it looks as if things are picking up once again.

Since quite some time, there are viewers available which will allow anyone to copy any avatar, including their skin, clothes, textures, hair, eyes and probably everything else, within a few seconds. You say this cannot happen? Well, it happened RIGHT in front of my eyes. I was role-playing with a friend (well, actually we were about to) and I have a bad habit of camming around… a LOT. I was wondering why there was a noobie looking avatar not too far away, clearly they did not belong into that sim, but shrugged it off, turned around to talk to my bf, looked back at my screen, and suddenly my friend stood there, when I was pretty sure I had not moved my cam. πŸ˜‰ At first I was confused, but when I saw my buddy was still standing next to me, and still I had his avi on my camera, when it was about 80 yards away….well, go figure. That happened within maybe 10 seconds. Confronting the person they freely admitted that they thought it was completely okay using that viewer, not against TOS, avatars are for everyone, bla bla bla. I reported them to every simowner I knew and Mister Rulen resident is now on a lot of banlists.

Now, yesterday I looked at my Flickr and saw this:

Read the whole story here:

Sanya Bilavio’s (Vive9) Flickr

It appears, that once again Marie2 Cisse and her gang of girls (likely her own alts or some other equally stupid people) managed to draw lots and lots of attention to herself and her…’store’. In this case, she copybotted Inna’s complete shape, skin, custom make up and everything else, informed her about it and since then is bragging about how well it sells, of course after trying to ‘bribe’ her into giving her Lindens in order to prevent her from reselling a shape/make up etc. she never created herself.

A few comments from dear Marie2 CisseΒ  and ‘friends’ towards the creator of the items:

[2012/11/02 12:23] Second Life: Alexandriala has given you this body part:
Inna Bilavio shape
Do you want to keep it? “Mute” will block all future offers or messages from Alexandriala.
[2012/11/02 12:23] Alexandriala: Your shape has been copybotted.
[2012/11/02 12:23] Alexandriala: And will be sold.


They try and bribe designers after they bot them as well ::

[2012/10/15 14:08] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): you lose your mind
[2012/10/15 14:08] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): creating skin
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): you think those skins will be on sale
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): for 1k or more
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): I can do it for 300L
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): Full fat pack
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): πŸ™‚
[2012/10/15 14:09] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): Maliah skin will sell more with me than you
[14:10] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): 20k i am offering
[14:10] Gerusa Bastos (marie2.cisse): for don’t distruing this skin


[17:26] issela2: Poor gurl. Never more will be at Eila?
[17:26] issela2: HAHAHA
[17:26] issela2: Take care
[17:34] issela2: I’ve all your mesh stuff
[17:34] issela2: And I’m going to giving away this

Here she goes on bragging and already posting advertisements for ‘her newest creations’:

Marie2 Cisse’s Flickr


Marie2 Cisse Flickr

Now, with Linden Labs forcing creators to go through lengthy and COSTLY legal processes, I wonder what we can do against such people? Not everyone can fork out the money to pay for such processes or even think about going to court, and not everyone will be able to fund money as Gala Phoenix and her team did with the ONE VOICE event. The process to actually get someone banned fro such things is absurd in Second Life, as sad as it is. Obviosu proof is not enough, you gotta file DMCAs, which can simply be countered…and so on. We all saw it happen with Gala.

So, what CAN we do? That is really the key-question. In my humble opinion, spreading the word about people like these, trying to convince people not to shop there, and that is why I am posting this.

However, quite frankly, the creators of Vive9 would likely do well with telling certain people, such as the dearest Lady Gericault, to shut the hell up, since people like her are NOT helping them by behaving like complete crazies in public. Argue with style, not like some raging rhino using capslock all over the place. O.o

Not too long ago, racist comments caused people to convince Linka Demina, founder of The Dressing Room, to not allow TIGirls to participate in the event due to obvious racist comments. View this here:
Linka Demina’s Flickr

They somehow managed to worm they way out of that, though even if the comments were a joke, they were incredibly stupid. But people forgive. But personally, I am out of forgiveness. I am simply asking everyone I know, to ignore these people, to NOT buy their stolen stuff, to spread the word.

I would appreciate if people would actually do this.

The following people are involved with Marie2 Cisse or are her alts:

Marie2 Cisse, Alexandriala, Alemanha (sallygirlpaty aho), Miss Fedorova
and more than likely all the names in this picture, in which she accuses GΓΆtzsche Resident to be herself:

Other alts


Autumn hits the grid and I love it! :)

Hello peeps,

I finally got my new comp and of course now I tooka pic of my current favourite outfit. Autumn hit Germany, so I decided to go with very autumnliek colours as well. I love them! I also decided to not go with the newest of the newest items possible, but also mix some of my alltime favourites to create a very…scoundrel-like outfit. I just love any kinds of adventuring elves. πŸ˜‰

Also, you might notice that I managed to get rid of that slightly yellowish tint of the Body Co skin. How? Arriah Fiertze from Medley released a SKIN DETONER which works just fantastically. I LOVE it. It makes so many skins (like old ones from Pink Fuel, Laqroki, the new Vive9 skin etc.) look so much better without that sickly yellow tint. πŸ™‚ Many, many thanks to you, Arriah.

Also, stay tuned for the new LAQROKI skinline,s they are about to be released. I saw some previews and they are…MWAH!

Hair: Burley (Bella Earst)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusory (Ivy Graves, currently not for sale)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Lashes: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Lips: Iren (Irischka Hotshot)
Gloss: Glam Affair ( Aida Ewing)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Fur-Vest: awram viie (Miraiwave Iwish)
Fur-Bolero: Toki Doki (Maya Levane)
Tunic: Kyoot (Naeya Syanda)
Pants: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Corset: LeLutka (Thora Charron)
Socks: Enchanty (nuts Andel)
Boots: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Legwarmers: Tram (Moca Loup)
Armwarmer: BOOM (VerucaDarling Resident)
Neckwarmer: League (Nena Janus, FREE GIFT!!)
Slingbelt: Deco (Veluu Faulds, Mesh!!)
Belt: Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Legarmor: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger)
Armor (Shoulder/Arms): The Forge (Kain Flores)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Necklace: League (Nena Janus, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Quiver: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Shark Outfit)
Bow: Tee*fy (Azure Electricoteeth)
Legrope: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Poppyseed Outfit)
Thigh Dagger: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)

Location: Arkhamville (Non-Role-Play), Beaverville