Review Policy

Dear creators,

I do accept review copies and after several hints and suggestions, I will start to review items I like. I see no point in reviewing items that I do not like, so I will not do it. But: Just because I like it I ask you to not assume I will only blog positive things about it. I have yet to  see an item that is 100% perfect in all regards. So I ask you to not be upset. Keep in mind: If you are featured, I like your stuff regardless of the minor faults it might have. :)Also: After all, it is always just a personal opinion!

If you received a review copy request from me, you can be 99% sure, that your creations WILL be featured, unless you completely disregard the style of the blog. If you send me review copies on your OWN accord, I will blog them IF I like them and they suit the style of the blog. I wish to GUARANTEE to my readers that each item I promote here is truly to my liking, and not just blogged because it was free.

Please consider this:

This blog caters to a rather specific style. While I do post about modern times or sci-fi role-play sometimes, my focus still is on medieval-ish, victorian (or older) themes. So, if you wish to gift an item and hope that I will blog it, be considerate! Pink latex likely has no place among the pieces I love to wear. 🙂 The blog gives you a rather good overview of what sort of item’s I’d love to blog and as you can see, I shop at casual couture shops a LOT.

Please understand that if something does not fit my style or is simply of low quality, I will not blog it.  Please keep in mind as well that the vast majority of items are still paid by myself. This is not a blog where I praise items that I got gifted for a major part, regardless of quality.

Thank you. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hi

    I am not sure where to put this on your blog, but I like your artistic sense and I think you will like mine.

    I’m a jeweler, and I work in sterling silver mostly. I have been making unique and high quality jewelry since 1985, and when I needed to come up with a business name I called myself The Elfin Works.

    If you check out my work, I think you will see why, and some of what I create ( or even all of it !!!) – like the Elf Ear Upper Ear Leaf Ornaments in the most recent post on my blog, look like they would be a good fit here.

    I am new to showing my work online, but for the next year or so I plan to list my work through the website below;

    My more permanent home is

    The most recent post on my blog features my experiments with Elf Ear type jewelry.


  2. Hi,

    I would like to see if you would like a copy of my new release medieval gown to potentially blog. I’ve been searching the blog for your SL name to no avail, if possible, can you send an IM to Ophelia Dayafter in world so that I may send it to you?


  3. Hello Elf!

    Although I am a creator on secondlife, I’m not here to ask you to review an outfit or skin or anything else your avatar can put on. I just wanted to give you a heads up on my sim. It’s not medieval, but it’s also not neon flashing lights and latex.

    It’s called Ark 13 and I think it would be very cool to see you use it as a backdrop for those more modern, grunge outfits you might like to blog about. Here’s the SLURL if you’re interested!


    1. Hello you! I know your sim actually, good friends of mine play there. 🙂 I already have an outfit ready for it, but am still not quite happy with how it looks, so I always procrastinated making the pic. -.- I think I should just get my ass up and do it already. You’ll be on my shedule this week then. 🙂

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