One Voice Fundraiser for Gala Phoenix

Hey peeps,

so, after Gala’s official statement, things have been moving forward rapidly.

“Standing together to support the rights of legitimate content creators.”  is the group charter for One Voice, a group organized by Vivienne Graves and Sophia Harlow who are hosting a fundraising event to help support Gala Phoenix.

Following the call by Vivienne Graves and Sophia Harlow, the designers of Truth District have agreed upon helping with the fundraiser for Gala to help covering her legal fees to battle Hush Darkrose’s false claims. Gala Phoenix is indeed involved in a legal battle over all this now, which is pretty damn upsetting imho.  After so many designers have agreed to participate, the event will NOT be held at Truth District, but rather at a new location: One Voice Fundraiser

The event will be going from 9th of July to 16th of July and the following creators of Secondlife are definitely participating:

League, GoS, Belleza, Glam Affair, Adam and Eve, SLink, One Bad Pixel, Exile, HoD, Laqroki, Aura, Bare Rose and many others will be there and offering items at either 50% of 100% donation.

So watch out for when it opens and make sure to visit and spend your Lindens there. It really is for a good cause in my opinion, because what happened to Gala, could as well happen to any other designer out there.

Arica. ❤

PS. I am working on new outfits, too, so don’t worry! I won’t be just raging on Curio vs. Hush. 😛


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